10-12 May Oxford Europaeum Workshop

People, Protest and Populism  in Europe’s History :  marking  50 years after the 1968 protests and  100 years after some women won the vote in the UK

May 10th – 12th , 2018

Europaeum Workshop; Co-hosted with Maison Francaise d’Oxford, University of Oxford


The mob, the crowd, the people, the union – what roles has it played in turning points in Europe’s history ? This workshop will aim to explore the role played by ‘people’ in protest, in uprising, in disobedience, even in revolution, seeking underlying factors and themes to help us study and  explain such phenomena in our politics and history. It will also mark the 50th anniversary of a year deemed politically, socially and culturally significant across Europe for different reasons, from Paris and London to Warsaw and Prague, with dramatic popular  protests, and 100 years after the suffragette protests brought votes for women. It will also explore populist movements on both Left and Right – including the new wave of populist movements across Europe today, including  Podemos, the Front Nationale,  En Marche, Fidesz, UKIP, Syriza, Five Star Movement and many others.


This workshop is aimed at doctoral or advanced graduates from the universities within the Europaeum network. All local costs will be covered (apart from travel). Applications in the form of a CV (max. 2 pages), one or two letters of recommendation, a letter of motivation, and a brief abstract of a proposed paper (optional) should go to the Europaeum Office. We are accepting applications nowDeadline April 9th,2018