Classics Colloquium: Separating men from beasts !

Our 12th Classics Colloquium held in partnership with our colleagues at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, led by Professor Dimitri El Murr, attracted more than 22 advanced Classics graduates from Europaeum university partners – well above the recent norm of about 18, with many students disappointed that in the end they could not be included. There were some 17 papers from younger scholars around the theme of Man and Beast, with titles such as Burdens of the beast and man in Latin literature, Roman iconography, Man and beast in Epictetus, and Killing beasts-normalizing nature: The role of heroes.

There were also papers contributed from a number of senior scholars, including Professor Francisco Citti (Bologna) on A Hog of Epicurus’ Sty: Variations on an Horatian theme, Professor Paul Demont (Paris) on From Herodotus to Protagoras on Lions, Hares, Men and Gods, Dr François Prost (Paris) on Crocodile, Bird and Leeches in Court: Man and Beast in Apuleius’ Apologia, chap. 8, and Dr Lucia Pasetti (Bologna) on From Man to Beast: Semantics of Deformis. As usual, there was plenty of lively discussion both inside and outside the seminar room. Plans are already in train for our 13th colloquium, to be held at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona in early November, on the theme of The Power of the Word. Applications will be accepted from the beginning of next year : please send them to the central Europaeum office, with a CV, at least one academic reference, and a proposal for a short paper which of course addresses the central theme. A poster advertising the event will appear early next year.