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21-23 Nov | Conference ‘Nationalism and International Order’ (Leiden)

26-28 October, Europaeum Classics Colloquium in Munich

‘Mutatas dicere formas’ – Multimedia transformations in and of antiquity
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Application deadline extended to 23 August

“I can’t explain myself, I’m afraid, sir,’ said Alice, ‘Because I’m not myself you see.”

― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

Myths, history, philosophy, poems and paintings – they all come to us by way of a medium.  There is no content without a medium of presentation, and the two, interwoven as they are, constitute, shape and transform each other.

This year’s Europaeum Classics Colloquium – the 16th in our series – will explore the interrelations of central cultural patterns of Greek and Roman antiquity and their presentation in various media throughout the ages – hence its title: ‘Mutatas dicere formas: Multimedia transformations in and of antiquity’.

During the conference, we will be looking at core topics of ancient Rome and Greece, such as war and peace, myths and religion, rhetoric and aesthetics, love and hate – matters that are (by no coincidence) still at the very heart of human interest. Central research questions might concern the way features of a certain medium constitute how a topic is dealt with, e.g.: how is an ancient myth (or a historical character) presented in different genres, or even in different arts, such as writing, painting, sculpting?

Papers might also follow the traces of one issue in one medium throughout time: which transformations of content and presentation occur – and what is the connection, the interplay between the two? Of course, also more than one medium might be included, e.g. Ovidian quotations in other texts, on Pompeiian walls and by modern filmmakers, as well as fields of research portraying the wide range of antiquity’s presence in all kinds of media then and now.

The conference’s aim is to assemble post-graduate students of various disciplines, preferably PhD students with research interests that lie within the overall theme of the conference.

Co-hosted with the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München