Europaeum Scholars, module 3

Our latest Scholars module took place in beautiful Geneva, where we were looked after extremely well by our colleagues at the Graduate Institute.
The Graduate Institute in Geneva is a key partner in the Programme. With a wide range of international organisations on its doorstep, NGO status, and a deserved reputation for excellence in skills training, it was the natural choice for our third module. During this module the Scholars visited the WTO and UN and heard talks about institutional reform and the SDGs that tied into these visits. This institutional focus was paired with time for group project work, philosophical reflections on the role of academics in policy making, and practical skills sessions on policy report writing, multi-lateral negotiation, and responsible online branding.

Aims of the first module
* To provide key professional skills training and provide opportunities to practice those skills
* To gain a deeper understanding of the UN and WTO
* To make progress on group projects
The Outcomes
* 100% of Scholars rated the module positively. 88% rated it excellent or very good
* 100% of the Scholars rated the skills training sessions positively
* 94% believed that their understanding of international institutions developed
* 94% rated their group discussions positively; 83% believed that they made significant progress on their group projects