Europaeum YouTube account launched – 25th anniversary movie

As part of our preparations for this 25th anniversary of our founding in 1992, we are working to produce – and make accessible – more video reports of our many events. We have now started to post items on our YouTube Europaeum account. Please do register yourself, and you can see our first posts of including a short film, Introduction to the work of the Europaeum – past, present and future ambitions, an interview with Dr Paul Flather, our Secretary-General, filmed by one of our interns. You can also find some of the lively panel discussions from last year’s pioneering summer school on China and Europe: Challenges for the Future  which brought together a dozen native Chinese students together with 25 Europaeum graduates to share insights into common problems such as ageing, political legitimacy, urban anomie,  social policy, economic markets, and anti corruption strategies.  We will also re-load presentations from our Jenkins Scholars 10th Anniversary event, including contributions from Lord (Chris) Patten and Baroness (Shirley) Williams, and one or two recent Europaeum Lectures. Meanwhile see our special anniversary leaflet here