“Agon” at Sixty

NYRB salutes passing editor with workshop on iconic ballet

For many years the Europaeum has collaborated with the New York Review of Books Foundation, which recently marked the sad passing of its illustrious and brilliant, founding Editor, Bob Silvers, memorial event at the New York Public Library. Bob participated in many events which the Europaeum had the pleasure to back. Our collaboration remains strong. The New York Review of Books Foundation is mounting a special symposium to mark the 60th anniversary of the iconic Stravinsky–Balanchine ballet, Agon, and once again it is recognising the Europaeum as one of its linked supporters. The event takes place in new York on June 26th. Please see more details, and the programme here. Later in the autumn, the Europaeum will be supporting a major event on the theme of democracy, globalisation and inequalities.