Barcelona: Anti-LGBT phobia law

Pompeu Fabra has approved an initiative to allow transexuals, transgenders and intersexuals, to change their names on internal University documents, “to guarantee their right to be called by the name corresponding to the gender they identify with.” The move allows use of a different name to the one that appears on their official IDs in all internal, non-legal, matters, such as student cards, intranet practices, emails, and class lists. It is part of a wider inter-university project being coordinated by UPF, to apply the 11/2014 ‘anti-LGTBIphobia law’ into higher education. The law establishes conditions to enacts the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersexual people in all areas of social life, and “contribute to the overcoming of stereotypes that negatively affect the social perception of these people.”  For more on the law, see here, and on the UPF initiative, see here (Spanish sources).