Battle against Brexit – five voices linked to EUK@OX

EU research contributes £1.86 billion to UK economy
New data just out from Universities UK indicates European Union research funding generates more than 19,000 jobs across the United Kingdom, £1.86 billion (US$2.6 billion) for the UK economy, and contributes more than £1 billion to gross domestic product (for more see here).

Tomas Halik appeals from the ECE for UK to remain IN
Tomas Halik
, a professor of Theology at Charles University, who last year won the influential Templeton Prize, and has been an active supporter of the Europaeum, speaking during past events, has made an urgent, final, plea on behalf of citizens from the former East Central Europe to UK voters to turn out in Thursday’s crucial referendum vote and to vote for the the UK to remain fully engaged in Europe and the European Union. Please read it here.

Soros on Brexit: Sterling will suffer if Britain leaves EU
George Soros
, the well-known financier, warns of a serious decline in the value of the pound sterling and the general well-being of the UK economy, with rising unemployment, following a possible vote to leave the European Union in an Op-Ed in The Guardian article published this week. Please read it here.

Security: The UK should not relinquish power by voting for a Brexit
Read here a piece by visiting fellow at Oxford University and former leading Dutch politician Gijs de Vries, responsible for the EU terrorism policy, drawing on his remarks at a local panel discussion this month on the Brexit debate with professors Kalypso Nicolaidis and Timothy Garton Ash from St Antony’s College and Baroness Shirley Williams.

Why we still need more Europe
Dr Paul Flather
, Secretary-General of the Europaeum and Fellow of Mansfield College, Oxford, was interviewed recently for the US TV channel PBS by the Economics Correspondent Paul Solman. You can read Dr Flather’s article published almost a year ago in a trade union and party journal urging voters to vote IN here.