Bologna Workshop: exploring Europe’s Migration Crisis

More than 20 Europaeum graduates attended a typically topical Graduate Workshop hosted with Bologna University (see the poster here and the programme here), with keynote talks from Oxford Professor, Guy Goodwin Gill, analysing the nature of the current crisis facing Europe, and an analysis by Oxford researcher Martin Ruhs of the obstacles confronting the principle of free movement across the European Union, and Professor Marco Borocetti on legal issues to do with refugees generally and to trafficked victims in particular. As with all Europaeum activities, the event was participatory and engaging, with exciting working groups, and support from the University of Bologna for lunches and coffees. There was also a discussion of the University’s own refugee policy. 

Current flows of refugees into Europe – probably the largest flows since the end of the last world war – have put migration and mobility at the top of Europe’s agenda, raising questions of European and national identity, cultural reconfiguration, relations of centre and periphery in Europe and border controls. The workshop will look at what it means to be a European, what the challenges for welfare are, and what the rise of right wing parties means, and what Europe stands for. Graduates should apply right away. All local costs will be covered (apart from travel). Students had to apply with the usual CV (max. 2 pages), one or two letters of recommendation, a letter of motivation, and a brief abstract of the proposed paper should go to the Europaeum Office.