Europaeum Scholars Programme

Teaching Fellows

Call for Applications

Deadline: 21 February 2020

The Europaeum is seeking to appoint Teaching Fellows to assist with the delivery of the Europaeum Scholars Programme. An association of seventeen of Europe’s leading universities, we have successfully brought together talented students and faculty working in the humanities and the social sciences for twenty-five years through faculty collaboration, student exchange, joint teaching programmes, lectures and workshops, and student spring and summer schools. We believe that today, we need more not less international collaboration, more not less emphasis on universities engaging with the wider society, and more not less connection between the disciplines. And we believe that fresh cohorts of talented young people, committed to making a difference for the better, are essential to shaping the future of Europe for the better.

This is an exciting opportunity to work with some of the most talented doctoral candidates in Europe, helping us to deliver our world-class Scholars Programme, which is designed to produce a new generation of leaders, thinkers, and researchers who have the capacity to shape the future of Europe. Starting in April 2020, the programme will run for two years alongside Scholars’ existing doctoral programmes. It places a strong emphasis on policy making (cultural, economic, political, social) and linking academics with practitioners from a range of different fields. Scholars selected for the programme have excellent academic track records and have a demonstrable interest in Europe and the public good. Further information about the programme and its aims is available here:

We are looking for enthusiastic and knowledgeable individuals who are keen to combine academia with the policy world. We aim to recruit a team of Teaching Fellows who will help to deliver the Programme at one or more modules in 2020 (subject to performance and the requirements of the Programme). The first module will be based in Oxford from 14 to 18 April 2020. It will focus on Europe today and contemporary societal challenges. The second module will be held in Leuven and Brussels from 2 to 6 June and will focus on the workings of European institutions, including the European Parliament, and European policy making. The third module will be held in Berlin (30 August to 3 September) and will focus on Europe in Transatlantic context. The fourth module will be based in Krakow in winter 2020/2021 and will focus on skills training and project development.

We particularly welcome applications from individuals whose research and teaching relates to European institutions or policy making, or to international institutions based in Europe and from those with a track record of linking academic research to the world of practice and policy making.

Teaching Fellows must be resident for the duration of the module and will be provided with accommodation and board. Remuneration will be £400 per full day for teaching delivery (or £200 per half day) and a small amount of preparatory work. Economy travel to and from the module locations from the candidate’s home university will be reimbursed.

Teaching Fellows must be employed by a Europaeum member university (or have a strong connection to one) and be working in a Humanities of Social Science field. Their research must have a clear European dimension or European relevance and they should have a demonstrated track record of engagement with practitioners. They should be in possession of a doctorate, which they should have received not more than 7 years ago (excluding periods of parental leave) OR be of equivalent academic standing and have significant experience of policy making.

Applications should be sent to Susanne on by 21 February and should consist of:

  • A CV of not more than 6 pages
  • A letter of application of not more than 2 pages setting out your suitability to moderate group discussion, your teaching philosophy, and the ways in which you see your research and teaching as potentially contributing to the aims/themes of the modules. If you only wish to be considered for some of the modules, but not all, please specify which in your application.
  • The names of two referees who have agreed to write in support of the applicant. Please note that we require one reference in advance. Please send your first referee a copy of this call for applications and ask them to send their reference directly to

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a video or Skype interview in late February. Successful interviewees will further be invited to an interactive selection day in Oxford on 12 March.

Informal enquiries should be addressed to the Programme Director, Dr Tracey Sowerby (

Europaeum Teaching Fellows Selection Criteria

Candidates must be based at a Europaeum member university or be able to demonstrate a very strong connection to one. They must work in the Humanities or Social Sciences and have received a doctorate within the last seven years (excluding periods of parental leave) OR be of equivalent academic standing and have significant experience of policy making.

Applications should demonstrate:

  • A strong track record of excellence in research
  • A strong track record of excellence in teaching; a track record of small-group teaching is especially desirable
  • The ability to moderate group discussion effectively
  • A strong interest in postgraduate development and training
  • A track record of, or clear interest in, interdisciplinarity
  • A strong interest in bridging academic research and non-academic fields of interest
  • A good knowledge of European current affairs
  • Research and/or teaching expertise with clear relevance to Europe

Applicants who demonstrate experience of helping students to develop group projects may be given preference, as may applicants with research and/or teaching expertise related to European and/or international organisations based in Brussels or European policy making. Experience of European institutions and/or policy making would be particularly desirable.

Europaeum Teaching Fellows: Job Description

The primary role of the Europaeum Teaching Fellows is to facilitate and moderate small group discussion, usually of groups of 8 or 9 Scholars. The Scholars are doctoral candidates drawn from a range of Humanities and Social Science disciplines, meaning that such discussions will be multidisciplinary. Particularly in the early modules, much of the group discussion will explore issues addressed in talks attended by the Scholars and Teaching Fellows. In the first module, for instance, group discussions will largely focus on following up on themes introduced in seminars and lectures and will primarily concern European current affairs and contemporary societal problems. In the second module, group discussions will focus primarily on European institutions and policy making, building upon lectures and institutional visits. In the third module, a key theme of group discussions will be Transatlantic issues of relevance to Europe.

The ultimate purpose of the group discussions (beyond encouraging a deeper appreciation of the issues at hand) is to help the Scholars identify policy-related projects to pursue. Consequently, from the second module an increasing proportion of the group discussion will focus on helping the Scholars to find and define a project to work on as a group. These projects must be of contemporary policy relevance and are identified, designed, and researched by the Scholars with guidance from the Teaching Fellows and Europaeum team.

Teaching Fellows may also be asked to help with other aspects of the programme such as chairing talks and helping to provide skills training (if appropriate).

The profiles of Teaching Fellows who helped to deliver the Scholars Programme in 2018-2019 can be found here:

Employment would initially be for the delivery of one module. Subject to performance and to the needs of the programme there may be opportunities to be involved in the delivery of future modules on the Europaeum Scholars Programme. Teaching Fellows will be invited to join our recently established alumni network.