Climate Change COP21 Paris Debates Travel Bursaries

The Europaeum offered some travel bursaries to allow its graduates to attend a conference linked to the coming Paris Climate Conference – security concerns pending. The United Nation’s COP 21 aims “to achieve legally binding agreement on climate with the goal to keep global warming bellow 2°C”. The events are expected to attract more than 50,000 participants. The Europaeum bursaries were for  graduates from its university network who are specialising in climate change or related studies, who would like to attend any possible events linked  to the  Sustainable Innovation Forum 2015, under the auspices of the COP21. Rhere is also a conference on the topic 7th – 8th December 2015 at Paris I and our students will be able to attend this as well. Please apply right away in the usual way, with a letter, cv and at least one brief current academic reference. For more information see the poster or see the call for papers here.