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This is a think tank dedicated to the ‘smarter usage’ of human capabilities and natural resources. A central theme of Demos is democracy and capabilities, particularly analysis of the welfare-state model in Finland, which, though remarkably successful over the decades, has been ever-changing with new methodologies needed to adapt. Another key theme is resource-smart economies – focus on sustainable resource management is vital, and needs to incorporate balancing population growth, production and consumption. Recent publications include Humancentric governance through experiments, which examines the usage of behavioural approaches and experiments into government policies to make them more efficient; Refugees for co-creative cities, which argues for a re-thinking of the accommodation of refugees in Europe; and Scenarios for the future of work. Recent projects include a seminar series on immigration, and the Building Zero Waste Society project. Demos Helsinki was founded in 2005 and is entirely responsible for funding all of its own projects. The Director of Democracy and Capabilities is Johannes Koponen, and the Executive Director is Tuuli Kaskinen.