Estoril Political Forum : Europaeum graduates debate liberty and democracy

International scholars, policy experts, businessmen, opinion leaders, journalists and students, have met annually since 1993 for open debate on current themes in politics and international relations. These conferences, widely recognised for their excellence and liveliness, probably unique in Portugal, are run by the Institute for Political Studies of the Catholic University of Portugal, have established a significant Euro-American network of leading scholars and institutions exploring studies of democracy, liberty, security and responsibility. Each Estoril Political Forum, s they are now known, is closely related to the IEP’s own MA and PhD degree programmes with students participating, meeting senior scholars, sometimes as discussants or guest speakers, and basing evaluation papers on the theme. The meetings are now associated with The International Forum for Democratic Studies, the Europaeum, Jagiellonian University, NATO, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Real Instituto Elcano, Royal Institute of Philosophy, The Abigail Adams Institute and The Catholic University of Mozambique. This year also marks the 20th anniversary of the Catholic University’s Institute for Political Studies, set up in the wake of those early meetings hosted in the Arrábida meetings. This year’s theme is Defending the Western Tradition of Liberty Under Law (Please see programme details here.) For a list of convenors see: João Carlos Espada (Directo, IEP-UCP and Editor, Nova Cidadania, Lisbon), Paul Flather (Secretary General, EUROPAEUM, London), Anthony O’Hear (Director, Royal Institute of Philosophy and Editor, Philosophy, London), Raymond Plant (King’s College, House of Lords, London), Marc F. Plattner (Editor, Journal of Democracy, and Director, IFDS, Wahsington, D.C.) and Susan Shell (Boston College, Boston).