Europaeum Lecture: The Case for Humanitarian Economics

On the 15th of November we will be hosting Professor Gilles Carbonnier for a Europaeum Lecture on The Case for Humanitarian Economics: Recalibrating Civil War and Disaster, held at the Old Library in All Souls College, Oxford  and co-hosted with the Refugee Studies Centre. Professor Carbonnier is Professor of Development Economics at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, where he is also Director of Studies.

The lecture will be chaired by Professor Guy Goodwin-Gill, Emeritus Professor of International Refugee Law at All Souls, and the discussant will be Alexander Betts, Director of the Refugee Studies Centre and Fellow of Green Templeton College, Oxford. Professor Carbonnier’s talk will centre on some of his major research and teaching interests, in particular the political economy of war, terrorism, and humanitarianism. These are areas that he has already explored in detail in his book Humanitarian Economics: War, Disaster, and the Global Aid Market (OUP 2016), a book which “is the first to introduce humanitarian economics as an emerging field of study”, and “illustrates how much humanitarians can learn from economists, and vice-versa” (OUP). Please see the poster for the lecture here.