Europaeum Lecture: What next – after Brexit and Trump ? (February 23rd)

The next special Europaeum Lecture in our regular series will be given by Will Hutton, a noted economic commentator, currently Principal of Hertford College, Oxford University, and Chair of the Oxford Europaeum Group. Mr Hutton, who has a regular influential column  in The Observer newspaper (where he was once Editor), will be discussing After Brexit and TrumpGloabalisaton, Trade and the New Global Order ? In recent columns, Mr Hutton has written on the consequences for international trade that loom after the Brexit and Trump votes in the UK and US, recently he has written about the Renzi referendum vote in Italy, and the costs and benefits of globalisation. After beginning his career as a stockbroker and investment analyst, he moved to the BBC as a producer and reporter. He has been Economics Editor of the BBC’s flagship Newsnight programme (1983-88), Editor-in-Chief of the European Business Channel (1988-90), and Economics Editor at the Guardian (1990-96), winning several media awards. He is currently Chair of the Big Innovation Centre Innovation Board. He is the author of a number of best-selling books, including The State We’re In (Cape, 1995), The Stakeholding Society (Polity Press, 1998), The World We’re In (Little, Brown, 2002), and The Writing on the Wall (Little, Brown, 2007). He will speaking at 18:00 in the main Auditorium at the Maison de la paix, of the The Graduate Institute, Geneva. Please see the poster here.