Europaeum MA Lecture : British Exits in a Historical Perspective

This year the Europaeum will use Brexit – which is to be a central theme to the current British General Election – as a peg on which to hang its  annual History seminar series, which will look at British Exits in a Historical Perspective. The series will start with the exit from the Roman Empire in 410, and look at other exits involving the Danes and Vikings, the exit from Papal authority, in and out of Europe since 1945, and culminating with a look at English exceptionalism and the 2016 Brexit vote. The series involves many front rank speakers including Professor Norman Davies, author of the best-selling bookEurope, and Professor Lyndal Roper, whose recent biography on Luther, has become a global best-seller. The seminars are linked to our MA Programme in European History, but are open to anyone, on  Tuesday mornings in the History Faculty. Please see here or full details of the seminars and speakers.