Europaeum Scholars programme launched!

On 2nd January 2018, the Europaeum launched the first ever Europaeum Scholars Programme, with 30 selected scholars set to work together for the next 2 years through plenary sessions, small group discussions and lectures. This venture is fully funded by the Europaeum and is designed to produce a new generation of leaders, thinkers, and researchers who have the capacity and desire to shape the future of Europe. It is multi-disciplinary, multi-university and multi-locational, and designed to engage academic thinking with the cultural, political, and societal challenges facing Europe today.
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Watch a video of Dr Andrew Graham talking about the programme: Voices from Oxford

The scholars will work together over the next 2 years through plenary sessions, small group discussions, lectures, and group projects. Four themes run throughout the programme: identity, inclusion, growth and development, and sustainability. The foundations were laid during our first module in Oxford, where our scholars met practitioners from the British Parliament, European DG, EEAS, and Bulgarian government, and heard from leading scholars on Brexit, Shakespeare, and the ethics of technology in warfare. They also participated in a workshop on altruistic leadership and heard from leading thinkers on new ways of thinking about sustainability and the importance of empathy. Guiding them through debates on these topics were teaching fellows from Leiden, Oxford, and St Andrews. We are looking forward to our next module in Brussels in March!