Europaeum Trinity Term Seminar

Before War, After War

Tuesdays 10am | Gerry Martin Room | History Faculty | Oxford


1st week (24th April)
Dr Rowena Archer | When did the Hundred Years War End?

2nd week (1st May)
Dr Tracey Sowerby | War by other Means? Values and Practices in European Diplomacy c1500-c1600

3rd week (8th May)
Professor Peter Frankopan | Europe and the West – Past, Present and Future

4th week (15th May)
no seminar

5th week (22nd May)
Dr Paul Flather | Europe’s World Wars, the British Raj and the Arrival of Indian Independence

6th week (29th May)
Professor Mike Broers | Visions of Empire: Napoleonic Europe when the War is Over

7th week (5th June)
Dr Gabriela Frei | Visions of World Orders after the First World War