Europaeum welcomes CEU as special member

With our 25th anniversary celebrations in September imminent, the Europaeum is delighted to welcome the Central European University as a “special” new member for one year. The invitation was made by Europaeum members as a sign of solidarity with the CEU in its current plight in the face of new punitive laws being pursued by the Hungarian Government. For more see also the Footnote of the Month in our April Bulletin here. CEU representatives will attend the special 25th anniversary celebrations due in Oxford next September, and the linked annual international Europaeum Conference which will focus on the highly topical theme of Academic Freedom in European Higher Education. In their recent letter of welcome this month to Professor Michael Ignatieff, the Rector of the CEU,  the Europaeum wrote : “We feel that the principals of academic freedom are universal and essential, and all leading European universities must stand together in their defence.” The Europaeum is also offering to host an event at the CEU in Budapest. The CEU was formed in the wake of the collapse of the Iron Curtain and ‘re-unification’ of Europe and in time the Enlargement of the European Union, founded by the philanthropist George Soros and his Open Society network. It was founded in Prague, with our own Secretary-General as its founding CEO/Secretary-General, but by 1994 had moved to its current home in Budapest after a dispute with the Czech government.