European Democracy Day for Alumni

Excitement is mounting for the Europaeum’s inaugural special  Europaeum Day focussing on European Democracy – including the role the UK may play in a future European Union. We will have 25 former Europaeum alumni, some going back more than five years, coming back to participate in our day of activities which will include a fireside chat with former European Commission President Joao Manuel Barroso and Professor Yves Meny, and a model European Parliament-style debate on four key policy recommendations to do with democratic reforms for the EU: universal election, adding to the powers of the Parliament, investigating how the new six-pack and other reforms will lead to greater centralization, and ways of involving more bottom-up participation. The students, who will be joined by some from our the Weidenfeld Scholarships Scheme and the Blatvanik School of Governance, will plan their ideas over a working lunch and after dinner they will attend the special debate on BeExit – featuring Professor Barroso, Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage and Sir William Cash. For more details on the debate, see the attached poster here.