Fellowship Programme : Challenging us to act on Climate Change

Project Drawdown, is an innovative new climate change mitigation coalition. This programme is designed to foster the development of a new generation of global leaders working on pragmatic solutions to our climate crisis. Participating students, scientists, entrepreneurs, and policymakers will learn how to describe a realistic future in which the world achieves drawdown – the point at which greenhouse gases in our atmosphere reach their modern day peak and then begin to decline. Fellows will work remotely with Project Drawdown’s research team to develop realistic, solution-specific models, reports, and policy memos projecting the financial and climate impacts of ‘state-of-the-shelf’ solutions deployed at scale over the next thirty years. A small number of competitive, 10-week fellowships are available to exceptional postgraduates, postdoctoral scholars, and young professionals from around the world. To learn more about the fellowships and how to apply, please click here.