Helsinki conference to look at Europe in crisis and a new ‘Cold War’ ?

Applications are invited at once from young scholars wishing to participate in the Europaeum’s annual international conference to be hosted at Helsinki University on June 11th – 13th, investigating the state of Crisis in Europe today.  It will review the new crisis of potential UK exit (Brexit) the continuing crisis of Greek exit (Grexit) and the long-running struggle to overcome contradictions in the Eurozone area.

Keynote speakers will  include Dr Andrew Graham from Oxford and Professor Olli Rehn MEP and former Euro Commissioner who was responsible for stabilising the eurozone. Ohter sessions will look at the narrative of crisis that has built up in the EU in recent years, and at the decline of relations with Russia which some dub the new “Cold War” following the Georgia and Ukraine crises. The event  will bring together politicians, defence experts, academics, and young scholars. Key questions will include: Can the EU unravel contradictions in the Eurozone model ? Can the EU resolve exit demands of select members ? Can cultural fragmentation be avoided ? Can Europe face down its Eurosceptic critics ? Is a new iron curtain emerging ? Can Europe find the right kind of leadership to go forward ? Can the pessimism be reversed ?

The Europaeum proposes to sponsor one young scholar from each partner university to attend this event – and there will be special graduate discussions and presentations after the main conference ends, on the Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. The Europaeum will support all local expenses of the scholars, and provide small bursaries towards travel. Please apply at once to the Europaeum office, with a brief cv, a letter of motivation and at least one reference. You can see the poster here and the programme  here for more information.