Nov/Dec 2017: Populism, inequality, migration feature in New York conference

The Europaeum is once again one of the sponsors of the next New York Review of Books international conference in new York at the end of the month, on the themes of Inequality, Immigration and the Politics of Populism, continuing themes we have explored over the past 18 months in varioius workshops and conferences. This extends our now long-standing partnership with NYRB. The event aims to explore the roots, implications and aftermath of new political movements and approaches – both Left and Right – symbolised particularly by the Trump victory in the US, by the Brexit vote in the UK, by the arrival of Macron in France, and even the rise of the AfD in Germany, the Orban government in Hungary, and so on. As usual the NYRB has lined its usual stellar cast of speakers including Agnes Heller, Anne Case, Aleksander Smolar, Richard Sennett, Sylke Tempel, Paul Krugman among others, exploring themes and regional influences. President Donald Trump’s recent reluctance to condemn the violence of white supremacist and neo-Nazis demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia, makes the timing even more pertinent.  For more information, see detailed programme here, and register here.