Jews in Europe’s history – full workshop report

Some 20 graduates participated in our international Graduate Workshop, Jews in Europe: Is there still a Question ?, organised by the Europaeum, with the support of the Institute of Jewish Studies, the Institute of History of the Jagiellonian University, and the Galicia Jewish Museum. Participating students were drawn from various study fields, like History, Politics, Anthropology, Cultural Studies, and Sociology, from seven partner universities. The workshop took place on 23rd – 25th October, 2014, in Krakow. Please read here our report of the event, which covered a range of issues, from cultural studies to the imagination of the shetl, to the rise of anti-Jewish behaviour, modern anti-Semitism and the plight faced by Jews in Poland. There were contributions from the Director of the Galicia Museum, from the Chief Rabbi of the Kasimiercz Jewish Quarter, which were complemented by a visit to the Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps, prepared with contributions from the students. This report was prepared with contributions from Christakis Peristianis (Bologna) Stephen Teeuwen (Leiden) and Dr Paul Flather (Oxford).