MADRID: Students urged to become eco-friendly

Madrid students encouraged ‘to go green’

A major ‘eco’ campaign is being launched by the Complutense University to persuade its students to become more environmentally aware and to reduce the impact of their so-called Botellóns (Spanish for ‘big bottle’) parties or get-togethers when 100s of bottles and other debris can be left scattered on sites. The campaign, being run jointly with the Madrid City Council, is known as the 4R Campus Joven initiative – to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recollect the refuse, especially of course the plastic bottles. These Botellóns outdoor parties, which are particularly popular among students, are deemed to be causing significant ecological damage on the University campuses and public sites due. Now the aim for the Complutense and the City Council is to adapt behaviour towards “a more eco-responsible leisure culture”.