Oxford has been gearing up to face a future that could herald the UK out of the EU, with potential threats to a major research stream, which last year yielded more than £66 million, as well as the possibility of the 1 in 7 students that come from the EU to study at Oxford right now; and lastly the possibility of losing 1 in 6 staff that come from the EU right now. Oxford has joined a high-level University Europe Group which is keeping in touch with the UK government and lobbies through bodies such as the European Research Council and LERU. Oxford has hired special lawyers to advise on migration law, and there is advice on the impact of pensions. The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Louise Richardson had an open  Q and A with university members, urging members to retain a positive outlook, to defend Oxford as an international institution that values diversity and the contribution of outsiders, and to invest in a UK future built on research and innovation through great universities such as Oxford.