Spring School to focus on peace-making & war-mongering

The Europaeum will be running a three-day graduate workshop on the theme of Peace-Making and War-Mongering: Lessons from European History. The workshop will be held in Oxford from April 23rd–25th for 20–25 graduates, mainly drawn from the Europaeum’s two Joint Teaching Programmes and thus linking our MA in European History (Leiden–Paris 1–Oxford) and our MA in European Politics and Society (Prague–Leiden–Paris 1). It will consist of the usual lively debates and discussions, talks from renowned experts, and presentations from the graduates themselves. If you are interested in the last few remaining places, please contact the office with a CV, letter of motivation and one or two references by the end of March. Some of the key topics to be discussed at the workshop will be the changing character of war, the contribution of historical peace treaties in the making of modern Europe, and the contemporary definitions of peace and of state sovereignty. Among the speakers will be Michael Broers, discussing Napoleon and his interpretation as war-monger, Professor Richard Caplan on revising the idea of peace, and Professor Hew Strachan on the League of Nations. For more information, please see the poster.