SUMMER SCHOOL : Graduates explore surge in populism

More than 35 graduates from all over Europe and beyond participated in our lively annual Europaeum Summer School held early in July in the historic Escorial Palace area near Madrid, focussing on the apparent crisis in democracy, particularly the rise of new populism, from the Left as well as the Right. Discussions covered the collapse of traditional political parties, broken leadership tropes, protest voting, the rise of the outsider, demagogues, independents, opprobrium against establishment elites, and the anti-politics against politicians and systems. Please see the final programme here and the full list of participants here. Among highlights were keynote talks from Professors Eva Anduiza (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Anthony Arblaster (Sheffield/Oxford), Manuel Muñiz (IE University), Enrique Baron Crespo (former President of the European Parliament), David Ellwood (Bologna/SAIS); a public debate involving all participants, role playing, and working group reports. Please see here summary biographies of keynote speakers, and see abstracts of papers presented by graduates here. Feedback is very positive, and the Europaeum event is already deemed one of the highlights of the whole Escorial summer programme.


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