The Europaeum Newsletter Retrospective

The Europaeum has been publishing newsletters, reports, reviews, and online material for well over a decade now. We have now uploaded our old Newsletters in their original format, going back to 1995 – the first purpose designed publication for the association, launched and edited by one Paul Flather who had just been appointed Director of International Relations for the University of Oxford !

This first issue features a Europaeum welcome for the (then) Institut de hautes études internationales et du développement (HEI) in Geneva, now The Graduate Institute, after being approved as a full member by the Europaeum Council, which met in Oxford that year. There was a also a meeting that year of the wider Europaeum Founders Council of friends, donors and supporters, which included the Rectors of Leiden and Bonn, who remain good friends of the association; Lord Jenkins of Hillhead, the Chancellor of Oxford University, in whose name we have helped found a scholarship scheme linked directly to the association; HSH The Prince Hans Adam of Liechtenstein, the founding chairman, whom we hope will return to support our association directly again; and Lord Weidenfeld and Sir Ronald Grierson, founding fathers, who are now on our new Board of Trustees; Professor Sir Richard Southwood, the inspiring  Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University, who helped launch the association, and Professor Paolo Pombeni of Bologna University, who ran several of our pioneering summer schools, and many others.

We are particularly keen to re-cyle many of our early photographs through these PDF versions.

Also in this issue was a description of one of the first Europaeum Summer Schools, held in Bologna on The Problem of Political Leadership between History and Science coordinated by Professor Paolo Pombeni; and a Europaeum Law Symposium in Leiden on The Place of European Community Law in the National Legal Order. Some issues never really change. We have revisited these themes in subsequent Europaeum activities, most notably in two events this year, on Sovereignty in Europe in Prague in May 2009, and our conference in Oxford in March on Constitutional Pluralism in the European Union and Beyond.

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