The Europaeum is an association of leading European university institutions, designed to serve as an ‘international university without walls’, in which future scholars and leaders of our new Europe will have an opportunity to share common learning and confront common concerns together. For 25 years we have brought together talented students and faculty working in the Humanities and the Social Sciences, to promote a better ‘sense of Europe’ through collaboration and academic mobility. We believe that today, we need more not less international collaboration, more not less emphasis on universities engaging with the wider society, and more not less connection between the disciplines. And we believe that fresh cohorts of talented young people, committed to making a difference for the better, are essential to shaping the future of Europe for the better.


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at our member Universities

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21-22 September, Prague: Crisis, Modernity, Authority and the State   The…

17-18 September, Barcelona: How to write the Horizon 2020 proposals…

22-24 November, Workshop, Krakow

Theme: External and Internal Challenges to European Integration more…

24-25 October, International Rector's Conference, Prague

'The University and the Republic: 100 Years of Czechoslovakia/Czech…

19 - 24 August, Leiden: International Cyber Security Summer School

19 - 24 August Leiden University: International Cyber Security…

27 Aug - 1 Sep Helsinki Summer School 'Future of Work'

27 August - 1 September Helsinki Summer School FUTURE OF WORK Reshaping…

21-23 Nov | Conference 'Nationalism and International Order' (Leiden)…

26-28 October, Europaeum Classics Colloquium in Munich

'Mutatas dicere formas' - Multimedia transformations in and of…

Sep 2018, Conference, Law & Development Research Network (Leiden)

19-21 September 2018, third annual conference of the Law and…

2-13 July 2018, Summer course Romani Identities and Antigypsyism

Central University, Budapest CFP deadline 7 Feb https://…

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