The Europaeum is an association of leading European university institutions, designed to serve as an ‘international university without walls’, in which future scholars and leaders of our new Europe will have an opportunity to share common learning and confront common concerns together.

The Europaeum promotes academic links and research collaboration between its partners. We facilitate research projects, conferences, lectures, joint teaching programmes and much more. We marked our 25th anniversary of the foundation in 2017, having worked with coming on to 5,000 Europaeum university students and more than 1,000 academics over the past 25 years in various workshops, summer schools, conferences, research and teaching projects. A brief historical overview, remembering all the donors that have helped make it possible, as well as recalling our members, the range of our activities, and the trustees and others that have supported and participated in our work is here.

As the pace of European integration accelerates, decision-makers, opinion-formers, politicians and citizens in European countries increasingly need to ‘think European’, to transcend national perspectives and empathise with a European mix of national and international cultures.

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7 May 2018: Centre for Political Philosophy Colloquium (Leiden)

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6 - 8 March 2018: V Congreso Internacional La actualidad de Michel Foucault (Madrid)

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