Welcome to the Alumni section of our website!

The Europaeum was founded in 1992 and has since then hosted and organised a substantial number of events, giving postgraduate students from the Europaeum member universities opportunities to augment their academic horizon of European Studies, and to facilitate knowledge exchange between all members, their academics and students. Events include workshops, conferences, seminars, joint degrees, bursaries & scholarships, and more recently, the Europaeum Scholars Programme.

The Europaeum Alumni online database is meant to help those who helped us in the past to make our organisation as successful as it is, by providing a search platform where users can search by name, location, research/work field, Europaeum involvement, specialism and/or University. This can be helpful if alumni are trying to find some they have lost touch with, or find an expert in a particular field in a particular location.

We very much hope that this provides a useful tool and that as many Europaeum alumni as possible register.

We also plan to hold Alumni events in future, and if there any non-Alumni Europaeum events that are open to the public, we will alert Alumni in the area, in case they are interested.

We define an Alumnus/Alumna as someone who went through a successful application process  to take part in one or more of the opportunities listed above, and subsequently attended the event, took up the scholarship, or embarked on the degree. Those simply attending a conference as an audience member without an application or other students in the network do not qualify.
We have worked hard for a number of years to find as many alumni as possible in our records and are now moving onto stage 2 which is asking those we have found for permission to be added to our password-protected database.

If you are a Europaeum Alumnus/Alumna and would like to create a profile on our database, please select ‘register’ below and enter your details. If you have already registered, please log in on the right. Before accepting you on the database, we will check our internal records to see whether we have your name on our lists, and if not, we will get in touch with you.
You have the option to delete your profile at any point, please email our office on Please also check out our Privacy Policy about how we handle your data. We will never contact you for any other purpose than Alumni-related matters and we do not pass your details on to anyone else without your permission.