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The new Europaeum Alumni Programme


We launch at the Europaeum’s 30th Anniversary Celebration on 1 October 2022. Update your knowledge through online talks. Chat over drinks with old friends and new. Reach out to the network for advice on a project. Membership of the Europaeum Alumni Programme means a Europe-wide support system to help you fulfil your potential.

What can I do now?

The launch of the new programme on 1 October will soon be upon us, but in the meantime you can…

  • Make sure we have your contact details and formal permission to use them. See the boxes below.
  • Volunteer to be a chapter leader for your city or country. You could arrange to meet up casually in a bar or formally for a dinner, go to a movie or play bowls. It’s up to you and your fellow alumni.
  • Volunteer to oversee a professional, special interest or other sub-group. If you want to talk about it, others probably do too.
  • Send in your ideas. What do you want to see in your group?
Who qualifies as a Europaeum alumnus?

The network includes anyone who applied successfully to take part in one or more of the many workshops, conferences, seminars, joint degrees, bursaries & scholarships that we have organised in the last thirty years; and who subsequently attended the event, took up the scholarship, or embarked on the degree. Those attending a conference as an audience member without an application or who are simply students of member universities do not qualify.

Contact us

Questions? Ideas? We can be reached at We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

It’s your network!

The new Alumni Programme is all about you! You were chosen to attend a Europaeum activity not just because of your academic ability, but also because of your intellectual curiosity and your motivation to achieve. This new commmunity is your space. It is full of people with ambition, determination and creativity. How can you use it to make a difference to your country, Europe, and the world?

Do you have a passion that others can contribute to? Greening the planet? Boosting citizen engagement with democracy? Celebrating the artistry of Greek urns? Improving the legal and financial infrastructure underpinning trade? Whatever your interest, reach out to your fellow alumni. Decamp into a dedicated chat room to share information, brainstorm, come up with new solutions, and work together to implement them.

How about using the network to gain new insights into your business life? Do you find yourself working with the same circle of people, who all do things the same way and share the same goals? Why not reach out to others working in related fields and view the world through their eyes? Organise an after-hours meet-up in a pub or a dinner to make contacts that you would never have encountered elsewhere and see what ideas you can spark.

The network is yours. Make the most of it!

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