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Ashlee Beazley

Ashlee Beazley is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Criminal Law, KU Leuven. Her research centres around the quality of defence lawyers in England and Wales, and Belgium, and whether it is possible to determine a minimum standard of effective legal representation. Alongside her PhD research, Ashlee is also a teaching assistant and a contributing researcher to a number of inter-jurisdictional research projects, including EmpRiSe, a European Commission-funded study on the right to silence during criminal investigations.

Prior to the commencement of her PhD, Ashlee was based in Oxford, where she worked as a legal editor, freelance research assistant and exhibition designer, and an English tutor for Jacari, a not-for-profit organisation that works with disadvantaged children who don’t speak English as a first language.

Originally from New Zealand, Ashlee also holds conjoint BA (History) and LLB (Hons.) degrees from the University of Auckland (2015), and a MSt in British and European History from the University of Oxford (2016).