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Gina Haubner

Gina’s research investigates the role of civil society in the environmental crisis, asking: what strategies do civic society actors have at their disposal (ranging from civil disobedience to climate suits)? She investigates what strategies have been promising so far, through a comparative analysis of the two novel green grassroots movements Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion. She further argues normatively why radical forms of green protest (ecological sabotage) are morally legitimized in times of the existential environmental crisis.
Gina has worked for eight years as Journalist and conducted a four-year training in multimedia journalism in Germany (JONA) in parallel to her university studies. Her latest and largest project was a multimedia story on the occasion of the 70 year anniversary of the state of Israel
She also worked in project management on sustainability, projects for bikesharing (DBConnect), and electromobility.