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Iris del Pino García Saavedra

Iris is a PhD candidate at Complutense University of Madrid. The main goal of her doctoral research is to identify the impact that the securitarian approach of migrations is having on the European Union’s migration governance in the specific framework of the Western Atlantic Route, in order to assess the effects this may be having on the protection of the migrant’s rights in an irregular situation and the effectiveness of the migration strategy itself regarding the control of the southern border.
Originally from the Canary Islands, she holds a degree in Political Science since 2020, and a master’s degree in European Union and the Mediterranean since 2021, both at Complutense University of Madrid. Recently, she has also deepened her knowledge in the E.U. with a course at the Diplomatic School of Spain.
Iris is committed to the promotion of human rights and the idea of progress, both values that guide her career.