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Klaudia Grat

Klaudia Grąt is a PhD researcher in Social Anthropology and Modern Languages at the University of St Andrews funded by the Social Anthropology Departmental Scholarship and Gibson-Sykora Trust Scholarship. Her research examines the socio-cultural integration of Ukrainians- long-term migrants and war refugees- to the spatial and societal reality of Warsaw, Poland. The main themes of her research encompass the individual experiences of place, shared identity, migrational trajectories, socio-cultural transference, and linguistical patterns in diasporic settings. Her research aims to shed light on the experiences of migration and livelihoods of Ukrainian migrants re-established in the urban setting of Warsaw.  Klaudia has earned her BA in International Development from King’s College London and earned her position on the Deans’ List by receiving a Distinction from her fully funded MRes in Social Anthropology at the University of St Andrews. Klaudia comes from a museum and activist background. She speaks seven languages: Polish, English, Spanish, French, Ukrainian, Russian, and Latin.