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Sašo Gorjanc

Sašo focuses on how the socio-psychological backgrounds of policy-makers and experts across the EU influence the interpretation and implementation of common EU legislative frameworks, with a particular focus on EU marine environmental policies and understandings of marine nature and wilderness. He has previously earned a MSc at University of Oxford and a BSc at Aberystwyth University. Before starting his PhD, he worked on a variety of conservation and environmental projects in Central, South-Eastern, and Mediterranean Europe, including planning conservation strategies for the Western Balkans, designing pro-biodiversity business solutions for protected areas in the Danube Region, and managing UNESCO World Heritage-inscribed ancient and primeval beech forests, as well as working on improving coherence and coordination of EU marine environmental policies both on Slovenian level, as expert support to the ministry and in the wider Mediterranean region.  Sašo is also an avid hiker, who loves travelling and cosying up with a good book.