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Simon Cecchin Birk

Simon Cecchin Birk is a PhD Fellow at the Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies at the University of Copenhagen. Simon’s research examines the extent and expression of the populist turn in Italy during the past three decades and its effects on Italian democracy.

In 2017, he graduated in Italian language and culture with a specialization in Europe’s cultural identities. He has been the political editor of the Danish magazine on European politics and culture, Magasinet Europa, since 2018. He contributed to Europas Mange Omveje (2019), an anthology about the relationship to Europe of five large member states, including Italy. He has written articles about Italian politics, appeared on Danish radio and organized seminars on Populism and the European elections of 2019 at the University of Copenhagen.

Simon was born and raised in Denmark by Danish-Italian parents. His native language is Danish