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Sinéad Mulcahy

Sinéad is a PhD candidate at the Europa Institute of Leiden University, where she researches the return of “sovereignty” in EU discourse. The notion of “European sovereignty” is conceptualised as an ambition to enhance the Union’s political capacity to act amidst crises and global instabilities. The emergence and persistence of “European sovereignty” suggests a significant shift in the Union’s self-understanding, how it relates to its citizens, Member States and the wider world. By researching this phenomenon, Sinéad aims to contribute to our understanding of the Union’s ongoing transformation. Her PhD project combines policy case-studies with doctrinal research in constitutional theory and political philosophy.  Alongside her research, Sinéad lectures on the European Law LL.M., from which she herself graduated in 2022. Before moving to the Netherlands, Sinéad completed her undergraduate studies in Law and Social Justice (BCL) at University College Dublin.


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