The Europaeum Masters Programme in European History and Civilisation offers graduate students a special opportunity to deepen their knowledge of European history and institutions, their philosophical and historical backgrounds and underpinnings, and their social and economic contexts, through the lens of three different university worlds. This knowledge plays an increasingly crucial role in practical decision-making and strategic planning, where Europe-wide and global contact and negotiation is required.

Students spend a term each in Leiden, Paris and Oxford.

The main contact for this course is the Student Affairs Office, as indicated on the Leiden course page.
The Europaeum contact for the course is Dr Tracey Sowerby who is the Academic Director for the MA for the Oxford element, but Oxford logistics are handled by the main office. All Europaeum Contacts can be found here:

Details on how to apply:

Green Templeton College had 2 MA students in 2019 and published a page on their experience for the term in Oxford:

MA European Politics & Society

This joint master’s degree is offered by Charles University as leading partner (Prague), plus Jagellonian University (Krakow), Leiden University and Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona), with the help of Erasmus Mundus funding. It is a two-year programme that starts in Prague and subsequently offers different options. Students will receive a Europaeum Certificate and some will be invited to attend the Spring School in Oxford in their second year.
More information and how to apply

Vaclav Havel Programme

This is a specialisation offered to master’s students at Charles University (Prague), Leiden University and Paris I (Sorbonne) who can spend one semester at one partner university. They will receive a Europaeum Certificate and some will be invited to attend the Spring School in Oxford. Students wishing to take this option need to be on a 2-year master’s course at a participating University.

Growing network of the Václav Havel Scholars
Report by Anna Simbartlova

In Prague, the Charles University’s Alumni of the Václav Havel Programme gathered to remember five years since the first university exchange of the Václav Havel Scholars. During this time, Charles University in Prague sent eighteen students for an exchange at Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne or Leiden University, with two other students completing their second year of the programme at present. This numerous group thus created a great team of friends who meet actively even after years.

The Václav Havel Programme gained its name after the prominent personality of the Czech ex-president Václav Havel. The programme was launched in the academic year of 2012/2013 by a trio of the Europaeum member universities: Leiden University, Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and Charles University in Prague. It is designed as a complementary two-year programme for Masters’ students of the three partner universities who focus their studies on European issues. The Václav Havel Scholars enjoy not only a one-semester exchange at one of the partner universities of the programme, but they also participate in the Oxford Spring School where they can meet with students from other member universities of the Europaeum association or students involved in other Europaeum programmes, such as History & Civilisation or European Politics & Society.