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Celebrating completion of the MA programme

By July 4, 2022July 28th, 2022No Comments

Congratulations to the new Europaeum alumni!

We are delighted to welcome eight new alumni from the MA in European History and Civilisation. This one-year course involves studying for a term each at three Europaeum member universities: Leiden (the lead), Paris and Oxford. Each university provides its own perspective on European history and institutions, their philosophical and historical backgrounds and underpinnings, and their social and economic contexts. This encounter with different viewpoints is a good grounding for a pan-European or global career.

The students and their research topics are as follows.

  • Nike Cosmides – The resistance movement in Vichy France
  • Wouter Gerritsen – The Irish Republic at Versailles
  • Giulia Giraudo – The ideal type: Tracing the role of prostitutes’ profile in the French policy approach to venal sex between 1946 and 2016
  • Bob Joosten – The public narratives of the Club Massiac and the Société des Amis des Noirs on the issue of equal citizenship for gens de couleur libres, 1789-1792
  • Murielle Posthuma – The influence of consciousness raising in the Netherlands from the late 1960s through 1980s on feminism in the transatlantic area
  • Ella Ryan – American Propaganda, Diplomacy, and the French-Language Press during the American Revolutionary War
  • Jaap Scholtens – Lex semper dabit remedium: Incongruence between theory and practice in legal source doctrine in nineteenth-century France and The Netherlands
  • Henrike Vellinga – Poisonous Knowledge: The Poison Reports of the Dutch East Indies and the transformation of indigenous contributions to colonial science (1885-1914)

Their studies complete, the new alumni took the opportunity to celebrate their well earned success at some of Oxford’s famous landmarks.