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Covid-19 Impact Report in Higher Education

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August 2020

NEWS: Covid-19 Impact Report 2020

During summer 2020, 3 students from the Blavatnik School of Government and 2 former Europaeum Scholars conducted a big survey, held interviews and did a lot of research within the Europaeum member network to find out more about the universities’ response to the coronavirus crisis and the impact and students. Read the report here (pdf)

The Authors:

Jennifer García Carrizo
is an expert in Branding and Communication, having worked as PR & Communication Manager for several start-ups (2019-2020) and at the Complutense University of Madrid (Information Science Faculty, 2015-2016). She has experience as Communication and Advertising Responsible at Infoactualidad (2012-2014) and as an assistant account executive at Omnicom Group (2012-2013).
Jennifer holds a PhD in Communication (Cultural and Creative Spaces and Citizen Participation, 2015-2020), a Digital & Audio-visual Communication MA (2014-2015) and an Advertising and PR Bachelor´s Degree (2010-2014) and has been awarded multiple times during her career: FPU (Spanish Ministry of Education, 2016-2020), 3 Minute Thesis Competition (Complutense University of Madrid, 2017), National Prize of University Education (Spanish Ministry of Education, 2013-2014). She was one of the Europaeum Scholars in 2018-19, working on the project ‘Europe Listen and Respond: how to improve the EU’s public consultation platform’.

Daniel Gołębiowski
is a PhD candidate in Cultural Studies at the Faculty of International and Political Studies, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, with a research focus on ‘International cultural relations as an instrument of the EU foreign and security policy. Example of Saudi Arabia.’ Because of his interests in culture and its potential role as an instrument in the EU external actions, he puts an emphasis on the relations between the EU and the Arab countries. Daniel is also an entrepreneur and co-founder of Nahda Foundation, a non-profit organization which has been established to increase awareness among Polish people about the Middle East and its cultural diversity. He has experience of working for public institutions such as the European Parliament and in 2020 he took on the role of Assistant Director for Postgraduate Studies in Diplomacy at the Jagiellonian University. Daniel was one of the Europaeum Scholars in 2018-19, working on the project ‘Europe Listen and Respond: how to improve the EU’s public consultation platform’.

Muktai Panchal
is a public health professional with over half a decade of experience in India and holds a postgraduate degree in public policy from the University of Oxford. She has led various international development projects involving policy development, health system strengthening, social determinants of health, public-private partnership and community engagement. As a Technical Advisor, she supported the Government of India in developing the country’s first policy for resource mobilization and greater political commitment towards Tuberculosis elimination. She is an advocate of equitable access to healthcare, patient-centric care, gender-responsive services, and ethical global health governance.

Marcela Reynoso Jurado
Marcela Reynoso Jurado was a MPP Candidate at Blavatnik School of Governance (Oxford). She holds a BA in International Relations and an MA in Gender and Law from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and has worked at the public sector for the past five years as a public policy and legislative advisor for the Mexican Federal Congress. Currently, she is Division Chief at the Mexican Social Security Institute in the evaluation unit.

Andres Felipe Saavedra Reyes
Felipe has participated in the formulation and implementation of the Colombian foreign policy and development policies in several topics, including public utilities, water security and circular economy. In his last position before embarking on the MPP at the Blavatnik School of Government (Oxford), he was the coordinator of international cooperation projects to bridge the gender gap in rural areas and contributed in policymaking to implement the Peace Agreement in Colombia. Previously, he studied for a BA Law at Universidad Javeriana (Colombia) where he has also been a lecturer of international economic law and public policy since 2016. He strongly believes that people deserve to be governed by evidence-based policies tailored to improve their wellbeing.