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Death of Prince Karel Schwarzenberg, Trustee of the Europaeum

By November 14, 2023No Comments

Death of Prince Karel Schwarzenberg


We are saddened to learn of the death of our former Trustee, Prince Karel Schwarzenberg. Prince Karel, a Czech politician, diplomat, and statesman, served twice as his country’s Minister of Foreign Affairs (2007–09 and 2010–13) and, as leader and co-founder of the TOP 09 party, was a candidate in its 2013 Presidential election. Prince Karel was an unfailing supporter of human rights around the world and a noted critic of rights violations in the Eastern Bloc. He chaired the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights from 1984 to 1991 and later advised Czech President Václav Havel.


Prince Karel was a dedicated Trustee of the Europaeum for many years and his support and dedication were a key component of the Europaeum’s success.


Our thoughts are with his family and his friends across Europe and beyond.