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Report: Conference on Challenges to European Security

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Challenges to European Security

24-25 October, 2022 | Charles University, Prague

Report by Adrienne Cheasty, Policy Advisor to The Europaeum

The Europaeum and Charles University cohosted a conference on European defence, in Prague on October 24-25. Topics addressed included: the new security landscape since the invasion of Ukraine, Eastern neighborhood concerns, EU-Russia relations, NATO and transatlantic perspectives, migration and related humanitarian considerations, the future security framework, and defence industry strategy (including for missile production, hybrid conflicts, and killer robots).

Dr. Stanislav Secrieru (EUISS) and Prof. Lieutenant Colonel Seth Johnston (Heidelberg and Georgetown University) opened the conference with their expert assessments of what has now changed for European security, from the European and NATO sides. The keynotes of the conference were inspiring speeches by Deputy Prime Minister Popescu of Moldova and Deputy Foreign Minister Kozák of Czechia, on the stakes for their countries, for Europe, and for global freedom and democracy. These were followed by an incisive panel taking stock of the likely future and options, with Dr. Iryna Solonenko (Centre for Liberal Modernity), Prof. Benjamin Tallis (German Council on Foreign Relations), and Dr. Matúš Halás (Prague Institute of International Relations).

Rich Europaeum-delegate sessions examined aspects of the security challenge in more detail.

The conference ended with a lively delegate-led briefing exercise on European foreign policy priorities. In the face of passionate advocacy for competing priorities, consensus formed around support for more European strategic autonomy, and the need to channel more resources to manage the migrant challenge.

The Europaeum is extremely grateful to Charles University, and to Professor Tomas Weiss in particular, for their leadership in co-sponsoring this critical topic, and for their generous hospitality.

The Conference in Action