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Announcing the Third Cohort of Europaeum Scholars

By March 4, 2022No Comments
The 2022-23 Scholars

We are delighted to welcome the third cohort of Europaeum Scholars!


36 incredible students from across the Europaeum network will shortly come together for the first time to learn, discuss, collaborate, and build life-long friendships.

As with previous cohorts, they bring a diverse range of research interests. Here are just a few examples: ethical legal information systems, the relationship between cultural policies and social cohesion, Roman religious practices, populist discourse, female characters in European naturalist novels, green consciousness, and cyber surveillance technologies. We look forward to some interesting cross-fertilisation of ideas!

The Programme will get underway with the Scholars’ first face-to-face meeting in Oxford during the week of 14 March. In the august surroundings of Pembroke College they will hear from leading authorities on a wide range of topics of importance to modern Europe. These will cover subjects as diverse as lessons from Covid, helping people in the community, leadership in cultural institutions, working to help homeless people, Brexit, and killer robots. There will be plenty of time for discussion, as well as training in practical skills such as leadership, and of course socialising. After a full-on week they will return to their studies with heads buzzing with new ideas.

Congratulations to the new Scholars! We look forward to working with you.


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