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Europaeum Events & Activities Archive

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Past Events and Activities

Events organised or supported by the Europaeum, in reverse chronological order
(older listings are incomplete)
For future events, see the events & activities page.


Winter School: Survivance and Survival
29 January –  2 February 2024 | University of Tartu, Estonia
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Lisbon Winter School for the Study of Communication: Ambivalence and the Media
9–12 January 2024 | Catholic University of Portugal, Lisbon
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Classics Colloquium: War and Trauma: Ancient and Modern Dialogues
13–15 December 2023 | University of Bologna, Italy
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Summer School: Crisis? What Crisis? The Dialectics of European Integration
12–15 September 2023 | Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany
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Estoril International Political Forum
26–29 June 2023 | Estoril, Portugal
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Brussels Policy Seminar: Policy-Making Inside Europe
22–25 May 2023 | Brussels
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Spring School: Shifting Paradigms in Europe
19–21 April 2023 | The University of Oxford, UK
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Winter School: The Maghreb between Europe and Africa
8–10 March 2023 | Netherlands Institute Morocco, Rabat
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Prague Security Conference: Challenges to European Security
24–25 October 2022 | Charles University, The Czech Republic
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The Europaeum’s 30th Anniversary Conference: ‘Challenges and Opportunities for Universities’
1–2 October 2022 | The University of Oxford, United Kingdom
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Scholars Programme Talk: Danny Sriskanadarajah, CEO of OxfamGB
30 September 2022 | The University of Oxford, United Kingdom
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Summer School: The Politics of Heritage
5–10 September 2022 | KU Leuven, Belgium
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Estoril International Political Forum
27–29 June 2022 | Estoril, Portugal
Organised by the IEP, Catholic University of Portugal. A small number of Europaeum students were selected for the Europaeum Debate.
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Classics Colloquium: Migrants in the ancient Greek and Roman world
27–28 June 2022 | University of Copenhagen, Denmark
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Recovering Europe’s Parliamentary Culture, 1500-1700: Concepts, Methods, Approaches
22–24 June 2022 | Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland
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Spring School: Law and Power
19–21 April 2022 | The University of Oxford, UK
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Winter School: Planetary Wellbeing
22–25 February 2022 | Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain (hybrid)
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Brussels Policy Seminar – Policy-Making Inside Europe
24–26 January 2022 | online
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Classics Colloquium – Metabolé: Crisis and Transformation in Antiquity
25–27 November | Madrid
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Estoril Political Forum 2021 – On the 80th Anniversary of the Atlantic Charter: Structuring a New Alliance of Democracies
18–20 October | Estoril, Portugal
29th International Meeting in Political Studies, organised by the Instituto de Estudos Políticos, Lisbon
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Crisis as an opportunity for Europe? (conference)
1–3 October 2021
Venue: Real Fundación de Toledo Pl. de Victorio Macho, Toledo
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Summer School – Imagining Europe: Migration, Borders and the (Re)Making of ‘Europe’
9–14 August 2021 | online
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MA European History & Civilisation (seminar series)
4 May – 15 June 2021
Venue: Faculty of History, Oxford
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Spring School – Europe in the World – the World in Europe
22–24 April 2021 | online
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Classics Colloquium – Slavery: Antiquity and Modernity in Dialogue
11–12 February 2021 | online
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Brussels Policy-Making Seminar
28–29 January 2021 | online
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Summer School (originally planned as the Spring School) – Europe in the World – The World in Europe
27–28 August | online

Estoril International Forum & Graduate Debate
22–24 June | Estoril, Portugal

The EU and the Balkan region – the state of play (seminar)
12–13 March | Zagreb
Co-organised with United Europe

China in Europe: Economics, Political and Geo-Strategic Challenges (workshop)
12–14 February | Mafra, Portugal

Outside the Euro – Monetary and Financial Issues for the EU periphery and beyond (one-day conference)
23 January 2020
Co-organised with the European Studies Centre, Oxford


21–23 November 2019 | Geneva
Special Conference ‘Europe in the age of Xi and Trump’ more information

14–16 November 2019 | Krakow
Europaeum Classics Colloquium ‘Sacrifice as Ritual’

24–25 October 2019 | Brussels
Study trip to Brussels

7–13 July | Paris
Summer School ‘The Globalized Metropolis: Politics, Protestation and Participation in Modern Urban Spaces’ read report

24–26 June | Estoril
International Graduate Debate ‘The Transatlantic Alliance’

30 May | Oxford
Conference ‘Trade unions, democracy and political power in France, the UK and Europe’

2–4 May | Oxford
Spring School ‘Negotiation, Peace, Peace-Making’

30 April – 11 June | Oxford
MA European History & Civilisation, Trinity Term Seminar Series
‘European Empires’
Dr Alex Middleton, Foreign Despotism & the Victorian Constitution
Dr Elizabeth Baigent, Seeing the Land, Drawing the Map, Making the Territory: Sweden in its Stormaktstid
Dr Peter Brooke, Ends of Empires
Professor Giuseppe Marcocci, Can We Speak of an Iberian Global Empire?
Dr Catherine Holmes, Approaches to the Byzantine Empire in the Age of Global History
Professor Mike Broers, The First Napoleonic Empire between: Model and Myth


22–24 November | Krakow
Workshop ‘External and Internal Challenges to European Integration – Interpreting security in times of crisis’

26–28 Oct | Munich
Europaeum Classics Colloquium 2018 – ‘Mutatas dicere formas’ – Multimedia transformations in and of antiquity

6 Oct | Geneva
Workshop on “Democracy, indigenous rights and ethno-racial mobilisation: Latin America in comparative perspective”. Graduate Institute, Geneva. In association with the Europaeum.

27 Aug – 1 Sep | Helsinki
Europaeum Summer School ‘Future of Work’ – Reshaping the meaning of work in the future society

25–27 June | Estoril, Lisbon
26th Annual Political Forum: Patriotism, Cosmopolitanism & Democracy
Organised by the Institute for Political Studies, Catholic University Lisbon, with support from the Europaeum.

5 June | Oxford
Annual Oxford-Geneva Link Lecture
Professor Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou, Graduate Institute, Geneva: A THEORY OF ISIS – Political Violence and the Transformation of the Global Order

Trinity Term 2018 | Oxford
Seminar Series for the graduates on the MA History & Civilisation, and Oxford History graduates ‘Before War, after War’
Dr Rowena Archer | When did the Hundred Years War End?
Dr Tracey Sowerby | War by other Means? Values and Practices in European Diplomacy c1500-c1600
Professor Peter Frankopan | Europe and the West – Past, Present and Future
Dr Paul Flather | Europe’s World Wars, the British Raj and the Arrival of Indian Independence
Professor Mike Broers | Visions of Empire: Napoleonic Europe when the War is Over

28–29 May | Oxford
Algeria, France: How memory works? Historical imagination as a category of practice.
An event organised by the European Studies Centre (Oxford) and supported by the Europaeum.

10–12 May | Oxford
Europaeum Workshop ‘People, Protest and Populism in European History – marking 50 years after the 1968 protests and 100 years after winning votes for some women in the UK’; Co-hosted with Maison Francaise d’Oxford, University of Oxford

19–21 March | Brussels
Policy Making Workshop

6–7 Feb | Oxford
Consensus Workshop
New challenges to building consensus: which ways forward?


23–25 Nov | Ravenna (Bologna)
Classics Colloquium: Past and Present

3–4 Nov | Oxford
Research Workshop on Gender Inequalities

29–30 Sep | Oxford
25th Anniversary Weekend & International Conference on Academic Freedom

24–26 Sep | Geneva
European Election Day Exploratory Workshop

9–14 July | Madrid
(Summer School) Populism and Anti-Politics: Is Democracy in Crisis ?

26–28 Jun | Lisbon
International Graduate Debate

25 Apr – 13 June | Oxford
Seminar Series ‘ Brexit in Historical Perspective’

20–22 April | Oxford
Europaeum Graduate Workshop: Religion, Conflict, Secularism and Tolerance – 500 years after Wittenberg

8 Mar | Prague
Europaeum Lecture: Illiberal democracy and Post-Truth politics

6–8 Mar | Brussels
Workshop Policy-Making Inside Europe?

23 Feb | Geneva
Geneva lecture: Will Hutton ‘Brexit and Trump – will the world order hold?’

16–18 February | Prague
Graduate Workshop: Post-Truth, Populism, Prejudice – Europe’s Values in Crisis?


15 Nov | Oxford
Lecture Professor Gilles Carbonnier: The Case for Humanitarian Economics: Recalibrating Civil War and Disaster

1–6 Sep | Oxford
organised by the China Centre: China and Europe – Challenges for the Future

27–29 June | Estoril/Lisbon
Graduate Debate: After the British referendum vote, should the EU adopt more integration or more flexibility?

10 June | Geneva
2016 Europaeum Day on Migration crisis

12 May | Prague
Europaeum Academic Council, celebrating 700 years since the birth Charles IV, founder of Charles University.

21–23 Apr | Oxford
Spring School Charisma & political leadership in European history: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly ?

22–24 Feb | Brussels
European Policy Seminar on Policy-Making inside the EU

21–24 Jan | Bologna
Graduate Workshop: Mobility and Migration – a crisis for Europe’s citizens?


23 Nov | Oxford
Europaeum European Democracy Day

5–7 Nov | Barcelona
Classics Colloquium: Poetry, Oratory, Rhetoric, Persuasion: The Power of the World in Ancient Times

18 Sep | Leiden
Celebrating 10 years of MA in European History: Professor Brian Young, Professor Wim Blockmans, Dr Nicolas Vaicbourdt ‘800 Years after Magna Carta: Republican Legacies in the Netherlands, Britain and France’

31 Aug – 5 Sep | Prague
Summer School Euroscepticism and Populism: Understanding the New Politics of Europe

22–24 June | Lisbon/Estoril
Europaeum Graduate Debate ‘Does Europe’s Elite still have too much power over Europe’s citizens and National Parliaments?’

16–18 June | Brussels
Europaeum Policy Seminar

28 May | Geneva
Lecture William Beinart: South Africa – Lessons for African democracy

23–25 Apr | Oxford
Workshop Peace-Making & War-Mongering

16 Feb | Oxford
Debate: European Rights, Human Rights – Convergence or Dissonance?

5 Feb | Oxford
Debate: Does the Brussels ‘Eurocrat’ still matter?


13 Nov | Oxford
Europaeum European Democracy Day (Lecture) HSH Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein: The State in the Third Millenium and the Crisis of Self-Determination

5–7 Nov | Paris
Classics Colloquium: Man and Beast

23–25 Oct | Krakow
Graduate Workshop: Jews in Europe – Is there still a Question?

27–28 Sep | Oxford
Conference: The Meaning of 1914

29 Jun- 4 Jul | Madrid
Summer School Women in Europe: Unfinished Revolution?

Trinity Term | Oxford
2014 MA in European History seminar series

25–27 Jun | Lisbon
Lisbon Graduate Debate: The Third Wave of Democratization?

9–11 May | Krakow
Jagiellonian Rectors Conference: Universities in East & Central Europe – 25 Years of Academic Freedom?

29 Apr | Oxford
Lecture Sir Paul Collier, CBE | Migration – Winners and Losers

24–26 Apr | Oxford
Spring School Citizens, Economists, Emperors, Clerics: The Making of Europe?

19 Feb | Geneva
Lecture Jussi Hahnhimäki | Re-evaluating the Legacy of Henry Kissinger: Statesman or Stuntman?

11–13 Feb | Brussels
European Policy Seminar


30–31 Oct | New York City
Conference: Power, Privacy, and the Internet (New York Review of Books, with support from the Europaeum)

2–7 Sep | Barcelona
Summer School Rights and Citizens in Europe: are we all really equal?

24–26 June | Lisbon/Estoril
Europaeum Graduate Debate: Will Europe fail if the Euro fails?

17–18 June | Brussels
European Policy Seminar

12–14 Jun | Paris
Annual Conference: European society and social solidarity – Is Europe fragmenting?

27 May | Geneva
Lecture Dr Faisal Devji | Lecture on Muslim Passions in Europe


6–8 Dec | Oxford
Workshop Rousseau and Republican Traditions in Europe

16 Nov | Oxford
Classics Colloquium: Leadership in the Ancient World

7–10 Nov | Oxford
Workshop From Plato to NATO: communication, media and rhetoric in Europe

26–27 Oct | Prague
Conference: Effet Utile – understanding international treaties

2–7 Sep | Oxford
Summer School Conflict Resolution in Europe: Lessons for Tomorrow

25–27 Jun | Lisbon
Debate: Open Societies, Open Markets and Common Identities

18–20 Jun | Brussels
Seminar Policy Making at the EU level

25–27 May | Oxford
Spring School Rousseau and Republican Traditions in Europe

21 May | Oxford
Lecture Professor Sir Adam Roberts | A Kind of Madness: Jean-Jacques Rousseau on International Relations

4 May | Prague
Conference: The Ideas of Prevention in European Law

Trinity Term | Oxford
MA Oxford Lectures: The Fault-lines of Europe

27–29 Apr | Prague
Challenges and Opportunities for Europe in building a Global Green Economy

22–23 Mar | Paris
Workshop The Arab Spring One Year on: What next ?


26 Nov | London
Conference: Universities under Attack

11-13 Nov | Leiden
Workshop Europe and its ‘Giants’ of Leadership – Past, Present and Future?

7 Nov | Oxford
Lecture Professor Keith Krause | The End of War: Political Violence in the 20th Century

21 Oct | Helsinki
Classics Colloquium: Strangers and Friends

18-22 Jul | Madrid
Conference: The Future of Europe

17-23 Jul | Madrid
Summer School The Futures of Europe: Which Way Towards 2030

29 Jun | Krakow
Debate: The Free World should allow Iran to develop nuclear technology?

23-25 Jun | Paris
Conference: Celebrating the life of Tony Judt (The New York Review of Books, with support from the Europaeum)

17-29 Jun |Lisbon
Debate: IEP-YCP Estoril Political Forum – The Future of the Free World

20-22 Jun | Brussels
Seminar Policy-making inside Europe

9 Jun | Bonn
Panel discussion: Europe and the Arab Spring: What should we be doing?

27 May | Oxford
Workshop Europeanization and the Roots of Modern Europe Today

21 May | Leiden
Symposium Eastern Christianity in Context

11 May | Prague
Lecture Professor Archie Brown | Why did Communism end in Europe? Why did it mutate in Asia?

17 Mar | Prague
Conference: Liability in European Law

3 Mar | Geneva
Lecture Dr Ngaire Woods | Bypassed in the New Economic Order? The EU and Global Governance after the Crash


10-11 Dec | Finnish Institute Berlin
European Conceptual History Project: Defining Political Concepts in Europe

15 Nov | Oxford
Lecture Professor Richard Baldwin | The Great Trade Collapse: What happened? What happens next?

12-14 Nov | Paris
Workshop Risks from Climate Change: Lessons in global diplomacy

10-11 Nov | Brussels
Europaeum Policy Seminar

6 Nov | Krakow
Classics Colloquium: Death and the Afterlife

21 Oct | Prague
Lecture Professor Robert Fox | Science and the travails of Modernity in Fin-de-siècle France

28-30 Sep | Oxford
Conference: Federalisms – East and West – India, Europe and North America. (Lecture) Peter Sutherland | Common Values and Federalism in Europe

5 Sep | Bologna
Transition from an Emigration Country to an Immigration Country (Connecting Europe through History – Experiences and Perceptions of Migrations project)

5-10 Sep | Bologna
Summer School The Media, Europe & Democracy

24 -26 Jun | Lisbon
IEP-UCP Estoril Political Forum: The Future of the Market Economy and Democracy

21-23 Jun | Brussels
Seminar Policy-making inside Europe?

3-5 Jun | Leiden
Workshop Migration, Political Parties & Public Rhetoric in Contemporary Europe (Connecting Europe through History – Experiences and Perceptions of Migrations project)
Lecture Professor Vernon Bogdanor | Overcoming the legacy of the 20th Century: Protecting Human Rights in Modern Demoracries

25 May | Oxford
Debate: Does the Lisbon Treaty raise more problems than it solves?

21-22 May | Oxford
Workshop Migration, Ethnicity and the Making of Modern Europe (Connecting Europe through History – Experiences and Perceptions of Migrations project)

20 May | Oxford
Debate: Where are today’s good Europeans?

5-11 Apr | Helsinki
Conference: Integration Throughout History

17 Mar |Paris
Conference: Histoire des phénomènes migratoires en France et en Europe- Quels enjeux pour les classes?

1 Jan | Bologna
Workshop Sacred Spaces in modern European Cities


6 Nov | Prague
Classics Colloquium: Teaching, Teachers and Students

16-18 Oct | Krakow
Workshop The Europeanisation of Central and Eastern Europe: how has it gone?

6-11 Sep | Paris
Summer School Ethics and European Policy-Making

25-27 Jun | Lisbon
Debate: IEP-ECP Estoril Political Forum – NATO at 60

12 May | Geneva
Lecture Professor Margaret MacMillan | 90 years on – lessons for peacemakers from 1918?

7 May | Madrid
Lecture & Workshop Democracy promotion: Elections without Democracy, Democracy without Elections

12 Feb | Oxford
Lecture Professor Vera Gowlland-Debbas | The Middle East and the Challenges for International Law

9-11 Jan | Oxford
Conference Liberalism East and West


20 Nov | Bologna
Classics Colloquium: Metamorphosis between Science and Literature

14-19 Sep | Bonn
Summer School Sacred Buildings in the Modern City

26 Jun | Lisbon
Debate: IEP-ECP Estoril Political Forum – Human Rights Today

19 Jun | Oxford
Europe in the New World Order – Challenges for the Future?

22-25 May | The Hague
Human Rights Conference | (with Leiden University and EUROCLIO)

22-24 May | Oxford
The Dilemmas of Digitization | (Maison Française, co-supported by the Europaeum)

12-13 May | Madrid
Cultural Difference Conference

9 May | Oxford
Seminar: Ending Empires, how and why? – Britain, Habsburg, Spain et al

26-28 Jun | Lisbon
IEP-UCP Estoril Political Forum: Human Rights Today

22-26 April | Den Haag
Final Conference in EUROCLIO/Europaeum/EU-Programme “Connecting Europe through History”
“Tracking the Essential Human Rights Moments and Documents in History. Human rights in Europe? Tolerance, Democracy, Citizenship, Critical thinking and Multiperspectivity as European Values.”

18 Apr | Leiden
Seminar discussion: Ending Slavery – views from Africa and the Caribbean (with EUROCLIP)

4-6 Apr | Prague
European Migration in the 21st Century – a Challenge to Nation-States?

17-18 Mar | Oxford
Workshop Europaeum European Conceptual History Research Project: Meanings of Rights and Democracy in Europe

11 Mar | Geneva
Lecture Professor Vaughan Lowe | The Double Helix of Terrorism and Tyranny: can civil liberties survive the war on terror?

8 Feb | Paris
Europaeum MA Lecture and Workshop: Roots of Modern Europe


23 Nov | Oxford
Classics Colloquium: Myth, Culture, Society: Europaeum Classics Colloquium in memory of Jean-Pierre Vernant

17 Nov | Bologna
Seminar | Culture, Humanities & Technology

10-12 Nov | Brussels
European Policy-Making Seminar

5-6 Oct | Prague
Workshop Europaeum Research Project Group on European Economic Integration | The European Union: 50 Years On

27 Aug – 2 Sep | Helsinki
Summer School The Borders of Europe

7 Jul | Oxford
Islam-in-Europe Conference. Social Cohesion – the Oxford Paradigm

23 Jun | Debate: Challenge from the East – Is the West Ready for China?

10-12 May | Helsinki
Conference Inside Globalisation: Interpreting the New Order

16-17 Mar | Prague
Conference Re-Making Europe – Which Way Now? Europe at the Crossroads (co-supported by the Europaeum)

16-17 March | Geneva
Conference European Voices: Actors and Witnesses of European Integration

16-17 Mar | Geneva
European Voices: Actors and Witnesses of European Integration

22 Feb | Washington DC
Conference Is there still a West?

13 Feb | Oxford
Lecture Professor Wim Blockman | The Medieval Origins of European Democracy


17-18 Nov | Oxford
Workshop Europaeum European Conceptual History Research Project | Defining Political Concepts in Europe

3-4 Nov | Bologna
Workshop Islam-in-Europe

17 Nov | Madrid
Classics Colloquium: The Orient, Greece & Rome

17 Nov | Oxford
Lecture Professor Wladyslaw Strozewski | Human Being and Values

3 Nov | Bologna
Workshop Islam-in-Europe

27-28 Oct | Helsinki
Workshop Game Theory and Applications in Problems of International Economics

13 Oct | Oxford
Restructuring Corporate Governance

11-16 Sep | Krakow
Summer School Bridging the Divide: EU-US Relations after 9/11

12-13 June | Oxford
Conference Eight Questions on Writing Contemporary History

29 June – 1 July | Krakow
Conference Cultural Difference in Europe: Political, Civic and Legal Culture in Poland and its Neighbours

5 May | Oxford
Conference Middle East and North African Immigrants and Their Descendants, Diaspora/Homeland Relations: Transnationalism and the Reconstruction of Identities in Europe

9-12 March | Bonn
Symposium on the Charta Oecumenica


18 Jan – 8 March | Oxford
Seminar Series with Visiting Parliamentary Fellows: Conflict Resolution

11 Feb | Prague
New Information Technologies and the Future of the Humanities, Conference

25-27 Nov | Leiden
Classics Colloquium: Tears in the Ancient World


29 June | Leiden
Leiden-Oxford Programme Europe, Shaping the Future

17-18 Sep | Prague
The 2nd Jean Monnet Workshop ‘Politics and Economics of European Integration & Economic Theory of Political Markets’


20-22 Nov | Oxford
Classics Colloquium: Methods and Traditions of Graduate Research: Approaches to Herodotus and Tacitus’s Annals

15 November | Prague
Conference Cultural Difference in Europe: Culture and Political Culture in the Czech Republic

25-27 April | Oxford
Conference Whose Europe? National Models and the Constitution of the European Union


17-22 Sep | Oxford
Summer School European Economic Integration

12 Apr 2002 | Oxford
Lecture Lord Professor (Ralf) Dahrendorf | Global Security Interlinked: Poverty, Security and Development


15-17 November | Oxford
Conference The Future of European Union Relations with Eastern Europe

10 November | Oxford
Conference The Future of the Third Way

26 September | Oxford
Policy Forum Democracy and the Internet ‘new rules for new times’

1 June | Bologna
Conference The Space of Opinion: Cultural and Political Reviews in Europe


11 – 12 December | Leiden
Conference Human Rights and the Refugee Problem


28-29 November | Paris
Conference L’Europe et la Monnaie


21 – 22 March | Geneva
Conference Defining and Projecting Europe’s Identity: Issues and Trade-Offs


10-12 October | Bonn
Conference The Integration of East Central Europe into the EU


2- 3 September | Oxford
Conference Europe and America after the Cold War: the end of ‘the West’?


17 – 19 September | Oxford
Conference Are European Elites losing touch with their peoples?